Winter break!

© Sachsenforst

Dear Trekkers, The Forststeig Elbe Sandstone trekking route was closed for the winter break on 1 November! All overnight shelters in the forest (trekking huts and bivouac spots) and the campsite in Ostrov are now closed. What’s the idea of the winter break? - To protect nature by preventing the disturbance of wild birds and sensitive nature reserves, - To protect hikers from the hazardous terrain and weather conditions. What will we be doing during the winter break (November - March)? - Removing, repairing and maintaining all mobile markings, - Using the forest huts for forestry work and hunting, - Repairing and improving the overnight shelters. On 21 March, we’d like you to help us carry out some work in the area shortly before the start of the season. Save the date! More information will be posted here. The new Forststeig season starts on 4 April 2020. We look forward to welcoming you back to the beautiful surroundings of Saxon-Bohemian Switzerland in April 2020!

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