Blocking of the Forststeig hiking route at Rotstein

Ausschnitt aus der Forststeigkarte mit Eintragung des gesperrten Bereiches und der Umleitung
© Sachsenforst

For safety reasons, it is necessary to block/close the Forststeig hiking route around the Rotsteinhut probably until July 5th. A detour is signposted. The Rotstein hut can be used and accessed, but only through the detour on the Winterleitenstraße. The forests on the Forststeig Elbsandstein hiking route are currently suffering a lot from the impacts of the dry years 2018 and 2019. The spruce bark beetles "Buchdrucker (Ips typographus)" and "Kupferstecher (Pityogenes chalcographus)" are attacking countless of trees. Through the forestry work in the blocked areas, the trees infested by bark beetles will be brought out of the forest, in order to restrain further spreading.

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