Forststeig Trailrun

Stefan Utke auf einem Bergplataeu mit Blick über Wälder
© Hannes Herrmann, BUND e.V.

Stefan Utke from Dresden has a big goal – to run through the entire hiking route Forststeig Elbsandstein in one day and do something good for the conservation of the forests in Saxon Switzerland, by drawing attention to the massive forest damages. With this idea, the 33-year-old approached BUND Dresden and SACHSENFORST, Neustadt Forest District. “I am very pleased with my inner drive to run through the homeland forests only with my running backpack at my own personal pace, to run lightly and carefree through the nature a whole day from sunrise to sunset and to be able to carry a message out into the world" the experienced marathon runner explains his intention. "Without SACHSENFORST there would be no beautiful trail with its forest landscapes. Without the support of my friends, who gave me food every 15 to 20 km, I probably wouldn't have a chance to reach my goal. And without associations like the BUND, it would be much worse for our nature." And he made it. The joint media information from Sachsenforst and BUND as well as the articles from the Sächsische Zeitung about the successful Trailrun are available for download here. Also the Youtube link to the video.

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