Forests for future – climate change and silviculture

Forests for future - climate change and silviculture, lecture and discussion Our forest is habitat for typical plant and animal species, it contributes clean drinking water, supplies the renewable raw material wood and provides as a place for recreation and relaxation. Extreme events such as storms have led to massive damages in recent years. The heat and drought of the years 2018 and 2019 put the forest trees additionally under stress and enabled a mass-propagation of bark beetle species. Forests all over Germany are places where climate change has become seriously visible. Therefore, suitable adaptation strategies must be developed immediately. But how should they look like? How can silviculture react to the numerous uncertainties? Forests for future - these are forests that are preferably resistant to variations of environmental factors and that can regenerate themselves quickly after a disturbance. These are forests that are able to make a sustainable contribution to the protection of soil, drinking water and biodiversity. And these are also forests that can be aesthetically beautiful and diversified. Diversely structured mixed stands, in combination with biotopes such as streams, moors, wet meadows and graded forest edges form the basis for a high and particularly site-typical biodiversity. But also a waiver of utilization and thus the guarantee of a natural forest development belongs to the forest of the future. Since about 30 years, the forest conversion of the existing spruce and pine forests to these structured mixed stands has been a solid part of the management of the Saxon state forest. Even if "nature conservation" and "forestry" often appear as areas of tension in the public perception, there are common goals and contents. Martin Baumann from Sachsenforst has been invited to speak at BUND Dresden. What? BUNDwissen-lecture with subsequent discussion on the topic "Forests for future - climate change and forestry" When? Thursday June 25, 2020 - 7:00 p.m. From 6:45 p.m. we will be available online for technical questions. Where? Online, join zoom-meeting: zoom.us/j/98068034878

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