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Before the tour


The Forststeig is a demanding trekking route for sure-footed and practiced hikers. Good preparation is important!

1 Gather enough information

Inform yourself thoroughly about the route, updates and upcoming weather and obtain information on how to behave on the Forststeig, in the huts and at the bivouac sites. Detailed information can be found at

2 Assess your skills realistically

Think about how fit you are. Plan stages in such a way that you arrive at your goal during daylight. A division into 7 stages can be found on page 2.

3 Plan suitable overnight stays

Plan your overnight stays and also think about alternatives. Be advised that camping in the forest is forbidden. You can also use the offers of Forststeig partners.

4 Your safety

Always walk with another person and tell someone in advance about your plans. Remember to bring a first-aid kit.

5 Pay attention to the weather

The weather is an important factor. Take a look at the forecasts. Avoid the forest during bad weather and storms. Be aware of wildfire risks.

6 Be well equipped

Bring sufficient food, drinking water and the right clothing and equipment with you. Remember that cooking and light with open flames is only permitted at official fireplaces and in the huts.

7 Forestry work and dangers

The Forststeig runs through natural areas and cultivated forests. Enter at your own risk. Pay attention to closures and notices, which you can find on

8 Don’t forget: Trekking tickets

You will need trekking tickets if you would like to spend the night in a trekking hut or at a bivouac site. The proceeds from the tickets go towards the maintenance and care of the Forststeig.

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