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Forststeig Elbe Sandstone is a remote, multi-day, cross-border hiking and forest experience route on the left side of the Elbe River in Saxon and Bohemian Switzerland. The route can be accessed annually from April to October. It gives trained and properly equipped hikers a demanding multi-day hiking tour, in the style of tours in Scandinavia and New Zealand. The route profile requires good physical condition – the route passes through the municipal forest of both countries, mainly on forest paths and trails, as well as logging trails, over twelve mesas.

Forstarbeiter bei Markierungsarbeiten

The Forststeig is marked with a yellow vertical line. There is also an additional green signpost at public roads and in the Czech Republic.

There are five trekking huts with basic facilities and a communal sleeping area for 10 to 12 people. One of them can be reached via a detour. Up to five two-person tents can be set up at three bivouac spots with shelters. Hikers require a trekking ticket to stay overnight, which is available from service partners and Saxony Forestry Services. More comfortable accommodation can also be accessed via short detours. Forststeig partners, including the campground in Ostrov and guest houses, inns, outfitters, forest and mountain tours, map and book publishers as well as regional transport services offer additional services for hiking the Forststeig.

Below you will find information that will help you prepare your hiking tour:

Before the tour

Vor der Tour

Route overview


Trekking tickets

Ticket wird beschriftet

An-und Abreise

An- und Abreise

Sleeping in the forest


Forest districts


Service partners

Mann im Vordergrund deutet mit einem Schlüssel in der Hand auf eine Trekkinghütte, die gerade von zwei Personen geputzt wird

Lesy Ceske Republiky

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