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Trekking tickets


With the purchase of a trekking ticket you are supporting the maintenance, upkeep and care of the Forststeig and its facilities. At the same time, the trekking ticket gives the holder access to shared use of the trekking huts and bivouac spots on the Forststeig.

  Trekking huts and bivouac spots
Adults (18 years of age and older) 10 Euro/ night / person
Children and youth (up to 17 years of age) 1 Euro/ night / person

Tickets can be validated at the hut or bivouac area by inserting a section of the ticket into the “Ticket box of trust”.

Trekking tickets can be redeemed within two calendar years. The purchase of a ticket is not a binding booking or space reservation.

The trekking tickets can only be validated upon arrival at the hut or bivouac area, by pulling off a section of the ticket and putting it into “Ticket box of trust”. It can happen that visitors are already there and the facilities must be shared.

The revenue from the sale of the trekking tickets is used directly for the maintenance and upkeep of the Forststeig, the trekking huts, bivouac areas, shelters, composting toilets and rest areas, as well as the provision of fire wood.

Purchasing the trekking ticket

The trekking ticket can be purchased at the following service partners:

As an alternative, the trekking ticket can also be ordered by fax, e-mail or mail by using the ticket order form.

Trekking ticket information and rules

  1. A maintenance contribution through the purchase and validation of a trekking ticket must be paid for shared overnight usage of the Saxony Forestry Services’ trekking huts and bivouac spots (forest district Neustadt):
  2. Trekking tickets can be used within two calendar years of the date printed on the ticket.
  3. The trekking tickets are validated at the trekking huts or bivouac area by tearing off and submitting a ticket section into the “Ticket box of trust”.
  4. The purchase of a ticket does not include exact-day booking, space reservations or exclusive usage.
  5. The trekking tickets are to be validated upon arrival at the hut or bivouac area. It is possible that the hut or the bivouac area is already completely full upon arrival. The holder of the trekking ticket does not have the right to exclusive access to a hut or bivouac area or corresponding facilities. Therefore one should be informed about alternative overnight accommodation options.
  6. Purchased trekking tickets cannot be returned. The purchase price will not be reimbursed.
  7. Trekking ticket holders are obliged to observe all instructions and regulations issued by the Saxony Forestry Services for the usage of huts or bivouac spots, and related facilities.
  8. Trekking tickets only apply for forestry huts and rest areas that are authorised and labelled as “trekking hut“ or “bivouac area”, and that are issued online at
  9. Trekking huts and bivouac areas can only be reached by foot or bike. Guests are not permitted to drive in with motor vehicles.
  10. Trekking tickets that have been manipulated are not valid.
  11. Information and regulations upon purchasing the trekking ticket, including the list of usable trekking huts and bivouac areas, are updated and subject to change regularly.
  12. Trekking tickets are not valid for commercial usage of the trekking huts and bivouac areas or for organised events. Commercial or organised usage must be applied for separately from Saxony Forestry Services.

Rules for shared use of the trekking huts and bivouac areas

  • Hut and bivouac spot users are responsible for organisation, planning, order and safety while on their trip. Use at your own risk!
  • After usage the usage area should be left in a clean state, so that the next users find a tidy spot.
  • The user recognises the “code of conduct” for trekking huts and bivouac areas, and the “Saxony Forestry Services guidelines on conduct during forest recreation”, as well as the posted hut regulations.
  • Saxony Forestry Services can close the access route and usage area due to weather-related or unexpected operational reasons. No claims can be made based on purchasing the trekking ticket due to these and other usage restrictions.
  • The liability of the free State of Saxony shall be excluded for any damages bivouac spot users incur related to usage, as far as legally possible.

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